Sinking City

79rs Gang
Fire on the Bayou
Sinking City

“79rs Gang are Big Chief Romeo Bougere of the 9th Ward Hunters and Big Chief Jermaine Bossier of the 7th Ward Creole Hunters. Traditionally rivals representing different tribes in different wards of the City, these Big Chiefs have come together to shine the light on this unique culture and sound. Call and response lyrics detail the realities of New Orleans notoriously rough streets and highlight the unique aspects of Mardi Gras Indian culture, where Indians spend the entire year sewing an elaborate new suit to debut on Mardi Gras morning. These calls and chants interplay with the sounds of bass drum, snare, bottles, cowbell, cymbals, and handclaps, calling both on the ancestors and warning contemporaries to stay out of the way.

“Mardi Gras Indian culture is endemic to New Orleans. For well over 100 years men, women, and children have masked in elaborate feathered and beaded suits painstakingly hand sewn over an entire year. Mardi Gras Indians tell the stories of their origins where escaped African slaves found refuge and intermarried with the Native Americans of South Louisiana. Suits glorify resistance to slavery, to cowboys, and to the ethnic cleansing of native people. Each year at Mardi Gras time, both of these Big Chiefs lead their own gang out on the streets of New Orleans. Fire on the Bayou is a chance to experience that excitement at any time or place.” - Sinking City. Hear Drama: