Cleve Pozar
Cleve Solo Percussion
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Born Robert F. Pozar in 1941, Cleve Pozar is a percussionist and composer who is schooled in a wide array of musical styles, including Afro-Cuban, Latin, jazz, free improvisation, classical, avant-garde, funk, country, polka, and more. During the 1960s, he participated in a couple of the seminal events in free jazz and avant-garde classical music: with Bill Dixon at the October Revolution in Jazz and with Eric Dolphy, Gordon Mumma, Robert Ashley, and many others at the ONCE Festivals in Ann Arbor. Early entries in his discography include Bob James’ Bold Conceptions and Explosions, and Bill Dixon’s Intents and Purposes. Dixon also produced Pozar’s first album as a leader, Good Golly Miss Nancy, released by Savoy in 1967.

Cleve brought this diverse background and a wide-open mind to his study of different musical modes, which he worked out using a heap of percussion instruments, an Echoplex, organ, and plenty enough other gear to fill a 14-foot van to capacity. Eventually, these songs took shape into becoming an album, Cleve Solo Percussion, privately pressed by Pozar in 1974.  In a nutshell, calling it “Solo Percussion” is quite an understatement. From his liner notes:  “The third movement is distorted guitar harmonics which were looped, live bicycle wheel and four tom-tom rims and Echoplexed double bass drums” and  “In place of the rest of the drum set I use two ratchets, Indian bells, two wood blocks and solenoid-activated gongs, which I play with my feet”. Got all that? And he would do this at gigs.

The dedication, ingenuity, and self-sufficient mindset that Cleve dedicated to this project made a significant impact on Cooper-Moore, who, like Cleve, was living in the Boston area at that time. He still often quotes Cleve, “With the tools and a good library, you can do anything any other man can do.”

Unfortunately, most other folks weren’t quite as ready for this in those days and the record came and went with few sales. Over time, however, it slowly established a reputation as a rare and singular document. I’ve played this record to listeners from a wide variety of backgrounds and the response is almost always: “wow.” It has all the idiosyncratic, visionary gusto you could want from a private-press record (or any record, really).

It’s a pleasure to offer original copies of this LP via a direct arrangement with Cleve. The covers of these last copies show light wear, approximately a VG+. There has also been a bit of storage warp on some copies, so I will do a quick play-check before shipping. Hear a couple clips: Echo Afrika & Magistrate Lousvart.

Read plenty more about this album via this October 2008 interview with Cleve, here.

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