Purple Patio

Purple Patio
NoBusiness Records

Very cool & engaging session led by Nate Wooley, one of the leading young-ish trumpeters on the NYC creative music scene, with plenty of potent & pointed improvising. Limited edition of 300 copies, LP only. Hear some of Animals.

“‘Parturition’ has Wooley taking immediate inspiration from the dense mesh of percussion, embarking on a solo that splatters rapid lines and brassy blasts around the studio. He launches an unaccompanied exploration of alternative techniques to begin ‘Aurora’—evocative, strangely furtive play with air—until the drummers join in. Antunes is an exceptionally grounded bassist, with a big sound and a strong sense of line, whether insisting on a pulse or coming to the fore as an equal melodic partner on the almost balladic ‘Aurora’ or the pointed and splintering speculations of 'Sueca.' The drummers contribute as much taste and invention as sheer force: on their feature, ‘Triangle,’ the threesome construct a spacious, subtly detailed world of varied percussion sounds.” - Stuart Broomer, NYC Jazz Record

Nate Wooley: trumpet
Hugo Antunes: bass
Jorge Queijo: drums
Mário Costa: drums
Chris Corsano: drums