Harmonica Frank Floyd

Harmonica Frank Floyd

"One of the more curious country / blues / early rock n' roll performers - here we have a collection of all of the recordings of Harmonica Frank made between 1951 & 1954. Frank plays many types of folk music and is a mimic, effortlessly switching from humorous hillbilly ballads to deep country blues.  With his self-taught harmonica technique, he was a one-man band, able to play the instrument without his hands or the need for a neck brace. While also playing guitar, he perfected a technique of manipulating the harmonica with his mouth while he sang out of the other side. He could also play harmonica with his nose and thus play two harmonicas at once. On this LP we find early proto rock and roll, country blues, weird humorous recitations (with generous "eephing" solos), and some country music. This record might be difficult for some to listen to...Limited one time pressing of 500 copies, housed in a beautiful silkscreened sleeve." - Mississippi. Label is sold out; last copies. Hear Howlin' Tomcat.