George Henry Bussey

Jim Bunkley / George Henry Bussey
The George Mitchell Collection
Fat Possum

“This 17-track collection of stripped down traditional blues songs performed by Jim Bunkley and George Henry Bussey was recorded by George Mitchell in Geneva & Waverly Hall, GA, in 1969. Jim Bunkley, born & raised in Geneva, GA, ‘made friends with the guitar’ at age eight. The self-proclaimed best known musician in Talbot County, Bunkley would take the stage with a great big ole cowboy hat, cracked a whole lot of jokes, & then played his heart out. George Henry Bussey was a woodworker, born near Waverly Hall, GA, about 15 miles from Geneva, where Bunkley lived. Although coming from a musical family in which everyone seemed to play an instrument & sing, Bussey didn't start playing the guitar until he was 18. ‘I listened to a lot of Blind Boy Fuller's records, but I wouldn't try to play it like he played it. I just played it in my own way.’” - Fat Possum. Download included. Hear Bunkley's Them Greasy Greens, Black Gal (with Lottie Kate Bunkley), and Bussey's Blues Around My Bed.