Monroe "Guy" Jackson

Monroe "Guy" Jackson
Got the Boogie Woogie Blues / Lonesome Home Blues
Rustron Records
45rpm 7"

Monroe "Guy" Jackson was a blues musician who lived in the Holly Springs area of north Mississippi, and I have been told that he played mostly in & around that vicinity, though curiously he apparently made a trip to NYC to play at Lincoln Center in 1985. In a preview for the NY Times, Robert Palmer noted that Jackson was 77 years old at the time and “grew up in the northern Mississippi hill country, which nurtured a blues culture much different from that of the better-known Mississippi Delta. Living on small farms, the hill country blacks developed a lilting, strangely archaic sounding brand of music, and Mr. Jackson is a worthy representative of it.”

That's also the year when he cut this highly enjoyable record for the local Rustron label (who also released the James Son Thomas Gateway to the Delta LP that flew out of here recently) that appears to be his only release. The songs heard here have an open-ended feel that suggests a relaxed informality with his music, and he deals in a couple of the eternal themes: 1) returning to his home after a long absence, and 2) being forbidden to take part in the boogie woogie. (maybe why he left in the first place) The A-side is a droney & danceable northern Mississippi blues, while the flip has some nice bottleneck work. Great stuff, and a pretty obscure release that I'm particularly pleased to be able to offer here. Hear some of Got the Boogie Woogie Blues & Lonesome Home Blues.