Big Boy Henry

Big Boy Henry
I'm Not Lying This Time

Richard “Big Boy” Henry (1921-2004) was a North Carolina blues singer & guitarist who came up listening to Blind Boy Fuller, Buddy Moss, and others.  In his early years he traveled throughout the southeast on commercial fishing boats, where he would sing shanty songs with his co-workers.  The circumstances under which these 1947 & 1952 recordings were made is unclear, but the notes mention that Henry would sometimes pre-record his radio program in the back room of a record store in New Bern, NC, so perhaps that’s the source. His solo acoustic blues ranges from lively to ruminative, and for my money it’s the two longer, deep, and moaning recordings from ’52 that hit hardest, perhaps showing a John Lee Hooker influence. Hear some of Trying to Get Back Home.