Jimmy Lee Harris

Jimmy Lee Harris
Vol. 25 of the George Mitchell Collection
Fat Possum
33 1/3 rpm 7" EP

Absolutely terrific acoustic country blues from Jimmy Lee Harris, recorded in Phenix City, Alabama, by George Mitchell in ~1980. Harris was around 45 years old at the time and a vibrant player with a loose, hypnotic style. Most of his songs are originals, a few of which sound largely improvised, with a relaxed, comfortable approach that’s very appealing. On one track he’s accompanied by his brother Eddie, a fine guitarist in his own right, while Jimmy Lee contributes some very convincing mock harmonica, a technique he learned while incarcerated (“I didn’t have nothing to play in there, and I made that up in jail.  I put my hands to my mouth and just did it, they all called me the Harp Boy. It sounded all right to the boys, so that’s how we had our music.”). Hear I Wanna Ramble.