Elder Utah Smith
alt Artist:
Elder Utah Smith
I Got Two Wings
book, 128 pages, and CD

"Despite waxing three of the hottest electric guitar records of the pre-Rock and Roll years, almost nothing has been known about the life of the sanctified electric guitar preacher the Elder Utah Smith. African-American music scholar Lynn Abbott's years of research has produced a remarkable biographical study finally shining a light onto the preaching, healing, and guitar playing ministry of this path breaking performer. I Got Two Wings firmly places Utah Smith within the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) tradition along with such COGIC contemporaries as Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Elder David Curry, and Rev. F. W. McGee. Filled with fascinating anecdotes and first hand remembrances and testimonies, I Got Two Wings also features many rare and unpublished photographs and an 18-track CD. The music CD includes 5 previously unknown Utah Smith songs along with relevant performances by Tharpe, Curry, McGee and two rocking, sanctified performances by Utah Smith's daughter, Sister Sarah James and the Sanctified Six." - CaseQuarter. Last copies of this fantastic release, now out of print. Slight rubbing on the covers.