Dan Rose
wayne county ramblin' Artist:
Dan Rose
Wayne County Ramblin'
Little Ruby Pictures

Dan Rose was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit and is highly-regarded for good reasons, among them the videos he's made for The Gories, Junior Kimbrough, Cordell Jackson, & more. Wayne County Ramblin' is his first feature film, independently produced and over a decade in the making. Fittingly, it is a very personal, lovingly-created, and idiosyncratic work, with a roadtrip theme that is interspersed with vodun, folklore, the African-American migration north, and more. Many musicians are featured in acting roles, including Otha Turner, Bernice Pratcher Turner, Nathaniel Mayer, Tav Falco, Iggy Pop, Mick Collins, Cordell Jackson, and many others. Plenty of information may be found at Wayne County Ramblin'. Tech notes from Little Ruby: "This DVD has been created in the NTSC television standard, intended for home DVD players and personal computers. Playability may prove difficult, or impossible, outside North America (region 1)." You can also check out the trailer below.