Junior Kimbrough
Junior Kimbrough
Meet Me in the City
Fat Possum

"Fat Possum's original stars and some of its greatest discoveries will be available as part of its 25th-anniversary series. Junior Kimbrough will be represented by a vinyl reissue of Meet Me in the City, released a year after the trance-blues master's 1998 death. The majority of these recordings pre-date Junior's 1992 Fat Possum release All Night Long. Though the production quality many not quite be up to the standards of Junior's 'studio' albums, the intensity of the performances more than make up for it. Every effort was made to preserve the integrity of the original home stereo recordings.

"David 'Junior' Kimbrough, quite possibly the most important blues guitarist of the second half of the 20th century, redefined blues. His approach to music is so hugely different from anything that came before him that he ranks among the three greatest bluesmen of all: Son House, Bukka White, and Fred McDowell. An originator, Junior did more than build on a certain tradition or perfect a certain style, he re-imagined the blues and developed a sound all his own." - Fat Possum. Hear the massive, ominous Baby Please Don't Leave Me.